About us

Klassi Fashion is the e-commerce arm of KLASSI Group started back in 2012. This was a simple online retail fashion store working in collaboration with wholesale manufacturers across India and Asia using the drop shipping model. From early on we faced strong competition from other online fashion retailers and over the next four years we tried to follow trends in a bid to stay relevant and profitable. However, it became apparent that to make impact we must stand out from the masses and influence style on a personal level.

Therefore, this e-commerce arm of the business was re-branded in 2017 as we started producing our own label fashion lines. In addition, new merchandising collaborations were and are being formed with Artists / Designers from across the Caribbean and Africa.

We are passionate about creating inspirational fashion lines and building a strong brand that is reflective of our diverse community. We are proud nationals from the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago and of our African heritage.

Klassi Fashion aim to educate others by sharing cultural stories through its clothing and various merchandise. We believe this will promote love, unity and a greater understanding within communities. Our brand is unique and inclusive to all as we appreciate every individual. As a small upcoming brand we aim to be market leader for our creative designs and exceptional customer service.